Create Professional Minecraft Videos

Premiere Pro is an industry standard video editor, and it is used for YouTube videos. In this class students will learn the beginner level to video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Through the series video lessons and quizzes, you will build confidence in your skills as a video editor. The goal of the class is to guide you through the most direct process to video editing Minecraft Videos using Premiere Pro.

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Topics covered

* importing video & audio clips to a project

* using: select, razor, hand tools

* basic effects

* transitions 

* music

* exporting video to share 

Who is this for?

  • Beginner to Intermediate video editors.

  • Editors who want to take time to refine their footage and make it perfect.

  • Anyone who wants more freedom to customize the effects they add to their videos.


  • How long will I have access?

    This class has unlimited access. So you can come back again to review.

  • Is this for individuals?

    This class can be used for individuals over 13, families (with one login) or classrooms (with teacher login). A certificate can be emailed upon request.

  • Does this include Premiere Pro?

    Sadly no.

  • What is required?

    A good internet connection. An Adobe account will be required to download Premier Pro. You can download Premiere Pro from this link: The 7-day trial does give you a full experience of Premiere Pro.

  • Can I use this with different software?

    This class is designed for Premiere Pro, technically you could but won't get the full experience.

  • Will there be live interaction?

    There may be discussion areas available but no live video chats.

  • How can I access the class?

    This class can be accessed through mobile and desktop.

  • What computer specs do I need?

    A web browser for viewing the class. Also check the system requirements as some computers may not run Premiere Pro efficiently:

  • Is this a live class?

    The videos in this class are pre-recorded. There may be discussion areas available.

Don't Wait Till Later

If your looking for a way to edit your Minecraft videos, this class is a great way to get started!

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